Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Last week the long-anticipated Snyder Cut was released (on HBO Max). Some might say the studios found another way to make some money without re-investing much. That as well can be true. You wouldn’t expect to have an impact because the movie was released (already) 4 years ago, but still, Snyder’s cut is a direct … Read more


Tenet 2020 movie by Cristopher Nolan

I thought about writing a couple of words on Tenet – the 2020 blockbuster by Christopher Nolan. Highly anticipated, with a generous budget and a rooster up to the standards (so to say), and released in theaters in the middle of a pandemic, this is probably the biggest disappointment in Cinema (at least for the … Read more

Mosul (2019)

mosul 2019 netflix poster

A not so hidden gem found on Netflix since it was featured on top of the choices for a day or two. Only after I’ve seen some Facebook posts I decided to give it a try. With Netflix offering so many fails (the most recent one being AVA, which I had to stop towards the … Read more

Velvet Buzzsaw (Netflix, 2019)

velvet buzzsaw movie poster netflix 2019

I’ve seen so many movies recently and I’m wondering why would I write about this one specifically. I came to the conclusion that it appeals to the art lover inside us. Because it’s about art, and murder, and business. O aren’t they all the same thing nowadays? Here’s the thing about Netflix movies: there’s a … Read more

The Beyond (2017)

the beyond 2017 movie poster

The Beyond should have been on my Netflix treasure’s lists. But it deserves its own article. Netflix treasure list is a list that I made with all the films on… Netflix that haven’t been promoted but totally worth the time spent on watching them. I’ve been in the position (and heard about so many others) … Read more