The Goat and Her Three Kids

capra cu trei iezi film poster

15 years ago (already?) I was sitting in my recording studio, and while others were working on a beat, I had this vision of a movie called Goat’s Revenge (Razbunarea caprei in Romanian), a movie based on a folk tale we grew up with. I quickly searched online to re-read it, and it was certainly … Read more

Mosul (2019)

mosul 2019 netflix poster

A not so hidden gem found on Netflix since it was featured on top of the choices for a day or two. Only after I’ve seen some Facebook posts I decided to give it a try. With Netflix offering so many fails (the most recent one being AVA, which I had to stop towards the … Read more

Velvet Buzzsaw (Netflix, 2019)

velvet buzzsaw movie poster netflix 2019

I’ve seen so many movies recently and I’m wondering why would I write about this one specifically. I came to the conclusion that it appeals to the art lover inside us. Because it’s about art, and murder, and business. O aren’t they all the same thing nowadays? Here’s the thing about Netflix movies: there’s a … Read more