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Lockout (2012)

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Lockout – or the latest Luc Besson’s production. “Based on an original idea of Luc Besson” says more than three times during the credits, in the beginning, and at the end of the picture (funny thing, because he lost a lawsuit for plagiarism for this movie).

For those of who’s Luc’s movies aren’t familiar with, he’s the mastermind behind “The Fifth Element” (or the last “Bruce Wills saves the world” true film) -hopefully, sometimes we’ll get to it.

La Femme Nikita -really big in Europe at the beginning of the ’90- and the one that breakthrough Hollywood.

Leon -the firs time we saw Natalie Portman.

All this are action, violent movies, directed by him. And the list will go on with all the other he produced.

He is a European cineast that has been to LA when he was young and he got a taste of what the commercial movies are all about.

Guy Pearce, who’s starring this one right here, is one of whose career I’m watching constantly.

I don’t think I have seen him before Christopher Nolan’s “Memento” (one of the best movies ever, I got the DVD for my birthday).

Ups, there it was in 1997 “LA Confidential”, a film-noir style with huge success starring along Kevin Spacey, Russel Crowe, Kim Basinger and Danny de Vito.

Then came “The time machine”, another ecranisation of H.G. Well’s book by the same name. Then nothing significant, although he had some -more cameo- appearances in Oscar-winning “Hurt Locker” and Oscar-winning “King speech”.

And looking forward to the sensational “Prometheus” in June, where he has a role, not the main one, but still an important character that leaves his name on all the “Alien” universe.

Ridley Scott made a special, fictive (I saw people saying that was real) TED Talk with him.

As for the movie itself, it’s not the action sci-fi movie you aspect to make a trademark in 2012. If you’re at the cinema and don’t have another one better, go for it. If not, wait for Lockout on tv or at least the DVD with your favorite magazine or something.
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