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I was reading some reviews on Amazon the other day for some cellular blinds and one of the reviews was saying “I was about to miss this great product because of the bad reviews”.

Similarly, I was almost missing this great movie because of the reviews I read and the low mark it received on IMDB (by no means a reference anymore).

I’ve been watching so many movies and series that it’s so difficult for me to watch something from start to finish. I fell asleep quite fast (did that in the first minutes for The Black Widow; I don’t know how I lasted through Wonder Woman 2 – previous to that I fell asleep only for Twilight and The Accountant). I would argue that these movies are not worth my time anymore.

Hence my surprise when I realized I was sleepy but wanted to see the movie till the end. Because dear reader, make no mistake, this is a masterpiece in the same key as The Village and Signs.

It’s what we expected from the director, who probably has now the flexibility that he didn’t have in the past. And always a pleasure to follow Rufus Sewell.

An interesting view, with weird and suspenseful camera angles combined with the sounds, makes this one of M. Night Shyamalan‘s best. Unique dialogues with memorable lines (friends with mortgages) add to the already mysterious universe we’re in.

And what a controversial subject – the reason behind everything that’s happening in the movie (I don’t want to give it away but the timing is perfect). I only hope M. Night is not one of those who deny what’s going on (I haven’t searched for his opinion).

That being said, there are moments where the movie seems to break, where things and actions and the conversation don’t make much sense. But that’s a Shyamalan signature, as you would find those in his previous movies also.

And although you can tell what the movie is all bout from the trailer, there’s still magic in it.

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