Taboo poster series starring Tom Hardy

If you love history and (are in) love Tom Hardy, if you are into esotericism and crime, well, this things are not Taboo anymore.

Prometheus 2012 movie poster

There are two movie pictures that I wait for this year. One of them is this one. If you can’t guess which is the next one, I’ll tell you: The Dark Knight Rises. Let’s leave that one for its own article an keep concentrating on this one, from who’s euphoria I haven’t yet come back (it’s been now more than 12 hours).

Lockout movie poster 2012 produced by Luc Besson starring Guy Pierce

Lockout – or the latest Luc Besson’s production. “Based on an original idea of Luc Besson” says more than three times during the credits, in the beginning, and at the end of the picture (funny thing, because he lost a lawsuit for plagiarism for this movie).