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I thought about writing a couple of words on Tenet – the 2020 blockbuster by Christopher Nolan. Highly anticipated, with a generous budget and a rooster up to the standards (so to say), and released in theaters in the middle of a pandemic, this is probably the biggest disappointment in Cinema (at least for the past couple of years).

I don’t like to bash movies, I prefer not to write about them. And I won’t go into so many details, because it’s not exactly my place – there are so many things going on in creating such a film – and a significant impact on the economy, especially in some places that can get a significant boost when a major motion picture crew comes in and shoots there for a couple of days.

On a side note, I’m not sure what’s going on with movies such as Wonder Woman 1984 for example – it looks like I made it 🙂

When is it to much? I remember the jokes around Inception (especially a special South Park episode) because the plot seemed so complicated. But that’s nothing compared to Tenet. Inception you can re-watch. Tenet, not so sure.

Could it be the fact (also, not the main reason) that the main actor is not that charismatic or suited for this role as everyone says? The tenet in the movies is that the more charismatic Pattison is, less interesting Washington gets.

And yes, Pattison seems to be the right choice. I never watched Twilight but I’ve seen some of his indie performance and I also believe he’s the right choice for Batman.

In each actor’s career, there are cycles (as in any other field for that matter) – but I strongly believe Pattison is here to stay for a continuous cycle from now on (theoretically he’s in his second mainstream cycle now).

Maybe I got it all wrong about Tenet. I should probably watch it from the end towards the beginning, see if that makes sense. When is it to much?

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