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The Beyond (2017)

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The Beyond should have been on my Netflix treasure’s lists. But it deserves its own article.

Netflix treasure list is a list that I made with all the films on… Netflix that haven’t been promoted but totally worth the time spent on watching them. I’ve been in the position (and heard about so many others) where I was spending more time on what to watch on Netflix than actually watching something.

And then, when you think you found something (that can at least put you to bed), you’ll be more disappointed than a kid on the Christmas morning, realizing Santa skipped him.

So, to spare you the trouble, I have put together a list that I will constantly update. Now, bear in mind, some movies might not be available in your country. And, by the time you’re getting to my list, some movies could have been excluded.

That’s a risk but, fortunately, you can easily find someplace where you can watch them for a small fee. Maybe that’s a service that Netflix could provide, movies on demand. For sure they should improve their algorithm to suggest an promote better movies.

The Beyond stands in the ScyFy category and was a lucky bet I took.

It’s some sort of independent film with a lot of special effects, those kinds of special effects that only in today’s day and edge could have made it possible (on a limited budget, as I assume this movie was made). 

After doing a quick Google search on the director (Hasraf Dulull), I was able to find that he’s a visual effects expert as it’s origin. 

Like most people who’ve been part of this project puts it, “It’s about the future of humanity”. Human 2.0, enhanced humans (another concept that Netflix explores in one of their original productions, The Titan).

And a very politically correct movie I might say. 

I didn’t find this movie anywhere less intriguing than Contact or Interstellar. I don’t want to say it was influenced by them – haven’t we all be influenced? – but I had the same feeling and astonishing I had watching those.

The Making of THE BEYOND from Hasraf HaZ Dulull on Vimeo.

It explores today’s society struggles and thoughts on certain aspects. Or, as Elon Musk put’s it, “if this is a simulation, the reality would be boring“.

I also recommend 2036 Origin Unknown directed by the same person, after he wrote an original script, where he explores different variations and outcomes of A.I. (that truth be told, it’s just around the corner). I’m currently exploring HaZ’s filmography.

I would closely follow this director/ artist’s career further, as I strongly believe there’s a place in Hollywood for him and his experience.

And he has the resume to show it. I just recently saw Pacific Rim: Uprising – the sequel of the 2013 film, and I only imaged what a beautiful movie that could have turned out if the big studious would have turned to an independent creator like HaZ.

Later edit: recently, on his Vimeo channel, HaZ released his course on Sci-Fi video production. Not sure if this one’s for me, since it looks technical, which is why it looks so promising to someone who’s into this.

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