The Goat and Her Three Kids

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15 years ago (already?) I was sitting in my recording studio, and while others were working on a beat, I had this vision of a movie called Goat’s Revenge (Razbunarea caprei in Romanian), a movie based on a folk tale we grew up with. I quickly searched online to re-read it, and it was certainly not how I remembered. It was a folk tale, all right, but not for kids. And now, looking at it, everything seems wrong as life can seem to be sometimes.

Why did it strike me then, then?

A few years ago, I was happy to see this put into a movie that was recently released (it takes a while for an independent movie to be shot, edited, released, etc.) on Netflix. Last week, I actually saw it.

Full disclosure – I’m not watching movies and series anymore. I’ve just seen too many so I can’t ingest; I prefer reading. But I did want an excuse to finish Shrinking and to see The Whale and The Fabelmans and, of course, this one. And I did it like everyone else in the span of 2 days.

Now, about the movie. Whoever invented the expression, the big bad wolf, must have seen and heard Marius Bodochi, the lead actor. It transcends local folklore; it’s universal.

The mother, the “goat”* is perfectly portrayed by Maya Morgenstern (Mary in The Passion of The Christ) – the eternal busy single mother that dedicates (or sacrifices as we keep hearing her cursing this way of life) her entire existence of raising by herself, constantly refusing the marriage propositions, to raise her children who, of course, are ungrateful and disobedient – except one.


One hour and a half seemed much at first, but after pausing it after one hour, I didn’t realize how fast it went by. Could it be because I haven’t seen movies lately, and I’ve lost the sense of tracking time in movies?

I mentioned at the beginning that this seems like an independent movie, and I believe this is one of those landmarks that will change the course of movie productions in my home country. One can hope for the best. Cheers to the author.

*GOAT, often used as the greatest of all time can mean, in this case, the actress.

Credit photos – https://www.facebook.com/filmulcapracutreiiezi/

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