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The Social Network

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It’s been 10 years since The Social Network movie was released, which makes it 1 year more since the action in the movie takes place. And, since Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, has recently appeared before the American Congress regarding the recent data breach investigation do to third party companies like Cambridge Analytica, I considered it’s a great opportunity to re-watch this.

Additionally, it’s fun to watch how he explains basically, the internet. That should raise any concerns if it was your grandma and grandpa, and yes, the questions the committee ask are solid valuable questions.

But not in 2018. And not those questions. Makes them look like their oblivious on what’s going on in the world, on what’s going on with daily in our lives.

Like I said in a previous article, I love when I re-see a movie and figure out which actor made it as a big star. Andrew Garfield was also part of the film. Of course, I didn’t notice him at that time but today I really think he’s one of the most talented actors out there.

I also remember, back when The Social Network was released, there was a frenzy (similar to the one for The Woolf of Wall Street) and that everybody had an idea about creating their own social media network. I’m wondering, how many of those people really took action and started creating something? There must have been some.

And, from those, is it anyone who actually turned a profit from it? Do I use/heard of a service that started because of that movie? Could be.

You have to settle at one point. And you have to be careful about what your speech is. Sooner rather than later, especially if you are starting to receive attention, you’ll have to pay for it. With money, the best case. Your job and reputation, the worst.

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