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Wide Awake (1998)

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It’s hard for me to imagine now that this one it’s just one year before the ground-breaking “The sixth sense”. M. Night Shyamalan is one of my favorite directors (as you will see, I will try not to write as much about the movies that I haven’t enjoyed). 

Don’t let the movie poster fool you; it had for me.  For those of you who know his line of work, this is an intuitive one, that pre-merges he’s later masterpieces. It’s about a kid (you, me, everyone) in search of God.

Maybe it’s not that revelating in 2012, but for 1998…hm let’s just say I would really really wanted to see it then.

Recently (a simple search on youtube will reveal) I have seen a kind of a documentary “The buried secret of M. Night Shyamalan” that tries to reveal the mystery behind this director. Some say it’s more of a mockumentary but, “life wouldn’t be so interesting without secrets, don’t you think?”

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