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Cloverfield (2008)

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One of those really good reality-show type movies (like The Blair Witch Project) that you feel like you need to see it again after a couple of years, or leave it on if it’s on tv.

It goes totally wrong from the first minutes, as you do not anticipate the upcoming of the events (unless you’ve seen the poster or the trailer, so this is the main reason you will not find it here – so in case you didn’t know about this one, try not to read anything or do research about it on the internet and yes, not even this article).

This movie is about idiots, it’s about family, but most important, it’s about terror.

Terror is something that might not necessarily happen, but could, and the mind does its magic from there. It’s about what terror does to people and how they react in certain situations, especially under the threat of loosing they life. It’s about how you are brought up, educated, how to care about yourself or to turn back after your loved one.

And to show how you activate yourself in helping others or turn yourself in to a hero without knowing you’re one.

Believe it or not, this one has almost 10 years since it’s release. It’s always funny to see how much we evolved at some level (see the mobile phones they were using back then, first types of plasma TV or commercials for things that are out of date by now – Nokia).

Lastly, they should remake a 3D Imax version (or even 4 or 5D), that would make an unforgettable experience.

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