Avatar: The Way Of Water (2022)

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It’s been a while since I’ve been waiting to go to the movies and experience films as they were met to be experienced, as fellow Canadian James Cameron told us in his message before the movie. These movies were meant to be experienced in the Cinema room, with the proper lighting and sound.

Or with everyone else talking, looking at their phones and – if you go to the VIP* as I do – hearing what others order for the first 15 minutes of the film. We fought so much just for a great experience just to hear everyone munching on stuff and turning on their cell light to see where to make the payment, commenting for the scene points and so on. This is how these movies were met to be experienced?

I got a poutine, a large coke and a big bag of popcorn that I took home and some M&Ms. I munched though the entire film.

Oh and speaking about the experience, I’ve always wondered – why isn’t there a cinema place that shows classic moves in theatres? Wouldn’t you go to the cinema to see Avatar 1? Or Titanic? Or any other classic, really? Or at least have it as part of the promotion for a sequel. #justsaying

Enough with the rant. This was a good movie that I enjoyed, period. I rewatched a couple of days prior to the first one – I forgot most of it (yes, I would have gone to the cinema; also a side-on to Will Smith’s comment – I also re-watched in 2022 Dancing with the wolves and although there are many similarities, I still consider them more separate than he does). Goog live-action, great effects, great story. 90s vibe. This makes me wonder how great was the first Avatar and how much the world has changed since the first release. Just think about what kind of cell phone you had in 2009, and that should say all there is to say.

Source – the internet, but from this site, with lots of other great Avatar memes.

It’s a mystery how come they didn’t give Denis Villeneuve the OK to shoot both Dunes at the same time; or give James Cameron for that matter, who did an Alien movie, Titanic and Terminator the OK to shoot all Avatars at once, but they gave green like to Peter Jackson for Lord of the Rings.

* I go to the VIP on Tuesday, where there’s a special deal, and I pay like 15$ for a ticket and get the nice seats that I get to choose. It’s 10 minutes walking distance. The regular price is more and not worth it.

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