The story

What’s your business?

This is the question some guy asked me on the street sometime – 15 years ago probably, in my home city, Bucharest, Romania, East-Europe. I was in a music equipment shop, and he was there to ask about a DJ setup and, in particular, about some CD players. He was talking in English and by the accent, he was North American.

Back then, I was managing my recording studio and my own Hip Hop record label. I was into music full-time. When I saw him, I followed him outside the store, pulled out my business card, and handed it to him. I told him that if he ever needs help, I could guide him through the things in Romania, like which store and what he should buy.

He looked at my card and asked me: what’s your business? 

(it was in Romanian 🙂 )

My answer back then? I’m a DJ, and I have a recording studio and a record label. I knew what my business was, but it never sounded natural to me.

I also help people with their podcasts.

He never contacted me, but that question kept going in my mind… what’s my business?

When I was a kid, I lived near Herastrau Park, the biggest park in Bucharest. My parents took me to that park almost every day (I was literally living across the park and sometimes liked to say I live in the park ). 

Over there in Herastrau, behind some trees, in a small meadow, there is a sculpture of Brancusi – yes, a sculpture of a sculptor, which is the most famous Romanian sculptor, with a quote underneath that said:

I want to carve forms that can give joy to people

The original quote is “Eu vreau să sculptez forme care pot da bucurie oamenilor“. That is still in my mind even today. It’s one of those things that haunt you through your entire life, I guess. In this case, it’s a happy haunting.

(I’ve read some rumours that they will make a film about him starring Andy Garcia as Brancusi)

After years of searching and learning, after some experiences that made me the man I am today (with the good parts but mostly the bad), I can say that I made up my mind about one thing:

What my business is?

I’m in the business of making the world a better place. That’s my business. Everybody keeps saying that you cannot save the world. Or you cannot do it by yourself. I tend to think the opposite (based on my experiences, of course).

You can change the world.

I can change and use myself as an example (ideally) for others. Hopefully, for good. How can we create a better place?

There are many ways. For me, I chose the cultural part—first, music. Because music is the language of the soul, movies are a part of that, and that’s why I decided to write on this blog.

And, as you may read more than one article, you will find out that, most of the time, it’s not about the movie itself but about what emotions and thoughts a movie makes me experience and think.

It’s because

I want to be part of things that can give joy to people



Emanuel P in Bucharest in front of Brancusi statue in Herastrau Park
Me in front of the statue