velvet buzzsaw movie poster netflix 2019

I’ve seen so many movies recently and I’m wondering why would I write about this one specifically. I came to the conclusion that it appeals to the art lover inside us. Because it’s about art, and murder, and business. O aren’t they all the same thing nowadays? Here’s the thing about Netflix movies: there’s a […]

the beyond 2017 movie poster

The Beyond should have been on my Netflix treasure’s lists. But it deserves its own article. Netflix treasure list is a list that I made with all the films on… Netflix that haven’t been promoted but totally worth the time spent on watching them. I’ve been in the position (and heard about so many others) […]

The Social Network movie poster about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

It’s been 10 years since The Social Network movie was released, which makes it 1 year more since the action in the movie takes place.


I made a habit of watching The Passion Of The Christ each Easter.

Split movie poster starring James McAvoy directed by M. Night Syamalan

M. Night Shyamalan made a comeback, and this time is for the long run. Split is one of the best pictures out there, one that, even in our time, I’m thinking of having it on DVD/Blue ray.

The Founder movie poster starring Michael Keaton

It’s nice to see Michael Keaton again. Besides Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)┬áhe didn’t get quite noticed in the industry since… Batman? The founder. About McDonald’s.

Taboo poster series starring Tom Hardy

If you love history and (are in) love Tom Hardy, if you are into esotericism and crime, well, this things are not Taboo anymore.

Cloverfield 2008 movie

One of those really good reality-show type movies (like The Blair Witch Project) that you feel like you need to see it again after a couple of years, or leave it on if it’s on tv.