Napoleon (2023)

Many can say what they want, but one thing is not up for debate – Ridley Scott knows how to shoot a fighting scene. Within the first minutes – the horse and the cannonball – tell you you’re up for some visual masterpieces. I instantly remembered The Duel and how I thought at that moment … Read more

Killers of the Flower Moon

It’s long, starts slow, but picks up towards the end. It’s a movie worth seeing, but this raises another question: can you rewatch Killers of the Flower Moon? Or The Irishman? Don’t look up? Or that movie where Leo got the Oscar for (I can’t even remember the name)? Or The Joker, for that matter? … Read more

The Goat and Her Three Kids

capra cu trei iezi film poster

15 years ago (already?) I was sitting in my recording studio, and while others were working on a beat, I had this vision of a movie called Goat’s Revenge (Razbunarea caprei in Romanian), a movie based on a folk tale we grew up with. I quickly searched online to re-read it, and it was certainly … Read more

Avatar: The Way Of Water (2022)

It’s been a while since I’ve been waiting to go to the movies and experience films as they were met to be experienced, as fellow Canadian James Cameron told us in his message before the movie. These movies were meant to be experienced in the Cinema room, with the proper lighting and sound. Or with … Read more

The Batman (2022)

In 1995 I was 9 years old and I went to the cinema (with dad, obviously) to watch my favourite actor at the time (Jim Carey) playing my favourite villain (The Riddler) from my favourite superhero franchise (Batman). It was like a dream come true, to have your favourite actor play your favourite character. Obviously, … Read more

Dune (2021)

Hollywood has a future. I can’t remember the last I was so excited to see a new movie coming out (well, probably Mortal Kombat and still hope for Batman). The anticipation was worth it. As opposed to the other movies that somehow got me interested (Old -like, The Many Saints of Newark – dislike), I … Read more

The Many Saints of Newark (2021)

The Many Saints of Newark

One thing is for sure – as good as HBO is for series (roughly 8 out of 10 are amazing) – they can’t produce a film. It’s been like that since… forever? Deadwood was essentially an extra extended episode of the series – no closure, no turnover, nothing. But The Sopranos prequel, The Many Saints … Read more

Old (2021)

old movie poster 2021

I was reading some reviews on Amazon the other day for some cellular blinds and one of the reviews was saying “I was about to miss this great product because of the bad reviews”. Similarly, I was almost missing this great movie because of the reviews I read and the low mark it received on … Read more