Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

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Later edit: I wrote this piece 6 years ago. I remember exactly how pissed of I was when I saw the rooster and realize how much of a bs it was. Makes me want to watch Glengarry Glen Ross again.  

Has anyone seen this movie? Or even heard of? I haven’t since a couple of weeks ago when somebody needed to comment on her management course a certain scene from this movie. It’s about a (dream) team of salesman struggling to get better.

Glengarry Glen Ross cast consists of  Al Pacino, Ed Harris, Kevin Spacey, Jack Lemmon, Alec Baldwin. Seeing this distribution many of you might think it will be one of the best ever. As all the movies with too many great actors put together, today, in 2012, I can say it’s a fail.

Big time. First of all, I never heard a word so many times (in a movie or anywhere else) in my life: leads. Ambiguous dialogues between salesman of a real estate agency, struggling to stay on the job after a more than unfriendly speech taken by the manager from “downtown” about life, and business in general.

Another thing that excesses are the usage of bad language. All of them are calling each other names, and let me tell you, if somebody did that around me it will get messy. Useless usage of language in a movie that had no right of having this caliber rooster and all that money for the production of it. No wonder no one promoted it. It goes around the same story over and over again, about the clients, about the target, about the LEADS.

OK, but as a teacher, why would you recommend your students to analyze a scene where devoted salesmen are put down by a much younger chief with a vocabulary that not even the warden from San Quentin is using? Life is hard enough, but somehow Glengarry Glen Ross makes it harder.

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