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I remember back 20 years (+-) or so when the first Jurassic Park movie came out. At one museum in my city (the capital of an East-European country) they had those robotic dinosaurs they used in the original Jurassic Park movie for an expo for a couple of weeks. I went there with my dad an I was terrified of the size and the sounds they produced.

But I enjoyed it and all the movies of the series. They where constructed around a story that could captivate everyone. Things that I couldn’t say about Jurassic World.

Maybe it’s just me, and it’s like what they say in the movie (it’s not a spoiler) people get tired of dinosaurs, all grown up and all. Or maybe it was that I was exhausted after an intense week (that didn’t finish).

Both probably, and a poor cast (including the director) made Jurassic World a not so thrilled experience.

Reading all sorts of reviews online, I find the same feeling around it. In each article I try not to go in to the “A corporation manipulates genetically dinosaurs making them bigger and meaner for profit” type of review; I try to concentrate on what caught my eye and feeling, the small stuff or the things I resonate to (see, it’s about I all the time).

I couldn’t find things like that in this one. I wasn’t impressed by the CGI (it’s really hard in 015 to be impressed by that).

I wasn’t impressed by the plot. Was nothing “twisted” about it, nothing unforeseeable. Later on I realized that the star of the film, Chris Pratt, is the star of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

That says a lot about the personality. Maybe it was edited to much. Maybe it was too family-friendly. The thing is, it didn’t get to me.

But, to compensate, I saw this picture below that made my day and I thought I should share it.

True. And I was happy to see an actor, BD Wong. in a blockbuster movie. It was about time (for those of you who didn’t see Oz, you should get to it ASAP).


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