Mosul (2019)

Audio version
Voiced by Amazon Polly

A not so hidden gem found on Netflix since it was featured on top of the choices for a day or two. Only after I’ve seen some Facebook posts I decided to give it a try. With Netflix offering so many fails (the most recent one being AVA, which I had to stop towards the middle of the movie) I am cautious about how I choose to spend my time watching something. And no, the rooster is not relevant (AVA again, is a good example).

Mosul is from a different category, The Hurt Locker category. Sad, violent, and real. + as a bonus, no major Hollywood figure (outside of the production team). Although, some of the faces were quite familiar.

Quoting a comment from Youtube: For once, a Mid-East war movie that aren’t always about navel-gazing US Marines and focus on the local forces fighting ISIS.

What I particularly like was the transformation of one character (Kawa) in such a short period of time (2h and less than a day in the action). Reminded me of another great performance, Salvatore Esposito, from in Gomorrah the series – Gennaro Savastano character.

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