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Zack Snyder’s Justice League

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Last week the long-anticipated Snyder Cut was released (on HBO Max). Some might say the studios found another way to make some money without re-investing much. That as well can be true.

You wouldn’t expect to have an impact because the movie was released (already) 4 years ago, but still, Snyder’s cut is a direct competitor to Marvel’s Infinity Wars. Period. You can actually watch the movie (although is 4h long) and still make something out of it. It has a beginning and an ending.

Which Justice League doesn’t seem to have. I already see so many movies and series that I can’t remember all (and sometimes even mix up characters from one to the next). And yet I remember how disappointed and bored I was with the first one.

Make no mistake – Snyder is a cinematographer and has special trademarks – slow motion, cartoon-like animations – that’s unique in today’s movies. It almost feels like he’s inserting a commercial about the movie in the movie itself – break time. I also enjoyed the animated CGI that remains animated – not trying to imitate the reality.

Nobody really knows what this could mean – this new release. Marvel clearly dominated the superhero industry for the past 10 years – and they made quite some cool movies. But I’m in no rush of re-watching them anytime soon (and Wanda Visions is on my list, but not a priority – and the new Captain America mini-series is kind of the same).

On the other hand, I can hardly wait the new Batman movie next year… so I’m watching clips from Nolan’s trilogy.

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