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Prometheus (2012)

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There are two movie pictures that I wait for this year. One of them is this one. If you can’t guess which is the next one, I’ll tell you: The Dark Knight Rises. Let’s leave that one for its own article an keep concentrating on this one, from who’s euphoria I haven’t yet come back (it’s been now more than 12 hours).

There are two more movies until this one I would like to give each one a line. The first will be Men In Black 3, which seemed more to me like a new episode of a tv series rather than a stand-alone movie. It was nice to watch but the story takes us like the last MIB was two months ago. I felt like something was missing from there.

The other one is The Avengers, which in my opinion, was, an average super-hero movie. I liked the first Iron Man, the others (including this one) seemed more cartoon-ish (in the story I mean). With all the special effects and the other things, it went in from one eye (as in ear) and got out through the other one (that’a new expression I never hear anyone use it before).

Disappointing for some of Alien fans (see the ranking note on IMDB), Prometheus was announced as a prequel to the series. A comeback to the roots of the story and, of humanity (as we later see), that was not appreciated, as some thought. As a stand-alone film, it wouldn’t have the same impact, including Ridley Scott and all the rooster (by the way, no Russel Crowe SciFi film?).

Actors that I saw more in TV series than Hollywood productions. To me, it seems more like a respond for Cameron’s Avatar, trying to demonstrate (I fell asleep twice during Avatar) how remarkable SF movies can be done without the huge cost that someone made the standards too.

As I don’t want to write the story, I will simply mark this one here on the blog, one that definitely will go to my DVD special editions collection. Funny how it took me about two months to write about it. I promise from now on, it will not take that much anymore (right – later edit)

Coming back to the previous post, here’s a TED video (promotional) made by the director and one of the characters from the Alien Universe, personify by Guy Pierce.

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