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So, let me start by saying that I wasn’t a big fan of the Rocky movies when I was a kid. Boxing wasn’t my thing (as it is now). I knew and was motivated by the eye of the tiger song and clips, but didn’t made an impact as a film in my childhood. Although I appreciated Stallone as he is for me even today, the Demolition Man.

For some, Balboa movie was an extra. For me, this one went by too fast and with not enough promotion as it should have. The fact that from nowhere a bastard Apollo Creed son comes out to fight a big boxing match could be considered a cliché and an extortion of the franchise. Still, this one is on it’s own and you wouldn’t waste your time watching it.

What got me to say this, is in one of the scenes from the beginning (no major spoilers) when he would watch a Apollo Creed match and in the projection he would shadowbox his old man (don’t remember if it was the match against Balboa). Another interesting thing is how the updated the technology but the sold habits remains such as the movies characters  watch old films on projectors. As the story goes on, so does the fight.

Now, Stallone, as Rocky Balboa, always seemed like a senile old man character. Because of the language and the words he used (not so manny) but full of wisdom. Now, being in his 70’s or something, that looks just about right :). And the fact that in the movie, he has more people on the other side than here, gives you the feeling that you are getting old.

There’s always something to learn from this kind of movies. From this one, the first thing that has an impact on you is the fact that it will make you go out for a run. For real, you would want to start training yourself a little.

Exploring the psychology of the fighter, Rocky, by helping baby Creed (?) is helping himself fight with some old demons. For him, it was always about Adrianne; as the saying goes, you learn as you teach. Doesn’t matter at what age.

I don’t think is that easy to film such movies; technically speaking. It’s not easy for the actors who train as athletes, but the most difficult part is definitely  for the professional athletes. It’s something different from a simple fight, as the camera goes from every angle. Considering this, the final match is intense. It has what it takes and you can feel the emotion from the hallway scene before the fighters enter the arena. Accompanied by a great soundtrack (which I will definitely use in my training) and some pictures at the end, particularly credits, made me take the time to write an article about it.

Sometimes sequels are better than the originals. But, because of the times, they don’t have the same impact. Too bad.

This article/blogpost is part of my one article a day challenge that I imposed on myself; that is for July I will write an article per day. On this blog and the other I do. This is #day5 I have even here some good drafts that will see the light this month, so stay tuned!


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