Wide Awake movie poster 1998 directed by M. Nigh Shyamalan

Wide Awake (1998)

It’s hard for me to imagine now that this one it’s just one year before the ground-breaking “The sixth sense”. ... Read More
Prometheus 2012 movie poster

Prometheus (2012)

There are two movie pictures that I wait for this year. One of them is this one. If you can’t ... Read More
Lockout movie poster 2012 produced by Luc Besson starring Guy Pierce

Lockout (2012)

Lockout – or the latest Luc Besson’s production. “Based on an original idea of Luc Besson” says more than three ... Read More
Anonymous Movie Poster

Anonymous (2012)

Was Shakespeare a fraud? A question that’s been asked for hundreds of years and Roland Emmerich decided to run some ... Read More
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